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EnduraCell® | An Essential Component of any Preventive or Therapeutic Nutraceutical

EnduraCell®, as a nutrigenomically-active whole food supplement harnesses Mother Nature’s own cellular defence mechanisms. This has implications for both disease prevention and treatment as well as in support of healthier ageing. The EnduraCell® ingredient is supplied as a finely milled powder suited to various applications.


Highest Sulforaphane Yield from Broccoli Sprout

A large number of broccoli sprout supplements are “extract” in which the myrosinase enzyme has been deactivated resulting the supplement containing only the inactive precursor glucoraphanin.

Using special technology, EnduraCell® is able to retain both the precursor glucoraphanin and myrosinase enzyme. Upon consumption, the myrosinase enzyme will convert inactive glucoraphanin into bioactive sulforaphane.

Broccoli sprout is 50 times more bioactive than a mature broccoli vegetable.


Unique Mechanism to “Turn On” Your Cell’s Defence Mechanism

  • Potently activates cellular defences via Nrf2

  • Helps protect against ingested & inhaled toxins

  • Reduces cellular oxidative damage

  • Activates key detoxification enzymes in liver

  • High bioavailability as compared to other supplements like curcumin, green tea, resveratrol

Nrf2 Activators - Comparative Induction of Phase 2 Detox Enzyme Quinone Reductase


Efficacy Proven in Clinical Studies

A minimum threshold dose of sulforaphane is required to activate the expression of protective gene and cellular defense. The efficacy of sulforaphane has been proven in clinical studies where the recommended dosage was reviewed in table below.


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