Innovative Packaging - B-CAP


B-CAP®, a new and innovative packaging concept for on-the-go drinks. Designed to contain a concentration of active ingredients with perfectly preserved nutritional properties for instant drink preparation adapted to a range of specific needs. Easily twist onto a bottle of water and simultaneously pours its content into the liquid, thereby transforming the most basic water into a ready-to-use active drink.

- Ready To Be Impressed!

0% Preservatives, 100% Active Ingredients Preserved

B-CAP®, designed to ensure the highest preservation of active ingredients as the ingredients are only released at the last moment before use or consumption.


B-CAP 28/22CC

*Empty Cap inclusive B-CAP Flower 28 (Closure)

*White Body

B-CAP 28/6CC

*Empty Cap inclusive B-CAP Flower 28 (Closure)

*Red Body

B-CAP 30/9CC

*Empty Cap inclusive B-CAP Flower 30 (Closure)

*Yellow Body

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