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Aqurate Ingredients is an international player in supplying functional ingredients and providing innovative solutions to the food & beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industry. We believe, a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

" Driven by our great desire to be the innovation centre of nutrition, we aim to improve the quality of life across the globe. "


Our ability to spot and innovate within market trends stems from our decade long experience in the industry. As an international player, we take the efforts to study various market trends, keep abreast with the latest influences and market forces through our network of partners and media. We have also built a long and trusting relationship with the media. For example, our relationship with the Malaysia Media goes beyond press releases. We have been under the spotlight i.e. on the radio and television networks, and frequently being mentioned and prominently quoted in newspaper articles. Our presence in the media is not just about education, it brings recognition that greatly elevates our customers’ business portfolio. Due to these measures, consumers buy with confidence.


We offer our customers the best non-medicinal, yet natural health solutions. Time after time, we have risen to the occasion – establishing businesses all around the world, the product edge that they will need to lead in the latest market trends.

  1. To be the one-stop food & health ingredient solutions and innovations centre

  2. To create a wealth of innovative achievements for our customers


Back to basic, back to nature. We keep exploring the unlimited potential of what nature can provide. With nature, we get the best non-drug, non-chemical and non-artificial solutions to fulfil people’s health needs.


Talent draws talent. We always seek the best from the industry. In addition to strong academic performance, our multi-talented team is also pieced together from individuals with high international exposure. We also scrutinize our business partners, seeking those with impressive portfolio backed by scientific support.

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