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Dr. Bengt Jeppsson, one of the founders of Probi®, was selected as the winner of the new NutraChampion category of Nutra Ingredients Awards.

Dr. Bengt Jeppsson

A true pioneer and one of the founders of ProProbi®, elected NutraChampion 2020

The jury’s selection was judged as:

“An important and lasting contribution to our industry and the wider causes of public health and nutrition, this award celebrates long-term and high-level personal achievements that have driven change within the science and business of our industry”.

Bengt Jeppsson, Professor and Medical Doctor was Sweden’s first probiotic pioneer and one of the very first scientists to go beyond standard medical treatments.

Collaborative research led by Dr Jeppsson discovered one of today’s most researched probiotic bacteria, LP299V®, and its important role in promoting gastrointestinal health in persons who need it the most.

LP299V® bacterium has been studied in more than 60 clinical studies and is one of the leading probiotic strains to support digestive health, sold in more than 40 markets over the world.

Bengt Jeppsson remains active as Professor, Medical Doctor and Senior Scientific Advisor at Probi®.


Proudly Present to You

  • Promote good gut health.

  • Restore balance of gut microbiota.

  • Improvement of both IBS and IBD symptoms.

  • Reduction of abdominal bloating.

  • Normalization of stool frequency.

  • Increase iron absorption (both uptake & intake).

  • Gentle to gastrointestinal system, without side effects normally linked to iron supplementations.

  • Reduce the need for additional iron supplementation.

  • Natural way to maintain iron levels.


Probi - A world leader in probiotic research and development.

Probi was founded in Sweden early year 1991, by a group of scientists with a clear vision – contribute to a healthier life by delivering effective and well-documented probiotics, with proven health benefits based on scientific research. Probi provides consumers worldwide with the opportunity to improve their health through clinically tested and effective probiotics.

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