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BioPQQ™ | The Revolutionary "Longevity Vitamin" of Future

The Revolutionary Longevity Vitamin of Future

The most researched natural pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) with vitamin-like properties essential for health and disease prevention.

BioPQQ is manufactured in Japan through proprietary fermentation process to yield a highly purified PQQ.

Cell Longevity Depends on Mitochondria

Positioned at the heart of cellular metabolism, mitochondria play a key role in generating energy. It also determines whether a cell need to be replaced or expelled through apoptosis.

However, mitochondria are susceptible to oxidative damage and required an efficient clearance mechanism to remove dysfunctional mitochondria via a process called – Mitochondrial Biogenesis.


PQQ Safeguard the Powerhouse of Cell

PQQ can stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis by activating PCG-1α and SIRT 1:


PQQ As Superior Antioxidant

  • PQQ is well-known for its strong antioxidant capacity.

  • The antioxidative capacity has been proven to be significantly higher than both Vitamin C, Vitamin E and CoQ10.


BioPQQ™ Has Been Clinically Proven To

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