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Carolean™ | Latest Innovation for Appetite Control

Carolean is a proprietary complex that uniquely combines the goodness of carob and nopal, making it an exceptional solution for appetite control.

This synergistic combination has demonstrated a clear ability to suppress appetite and reduce cravings.

Remarkable Effectiveness In Appetite Control

Carolean™ provides both effectiveness and convenience for appetite control.

While each ingredient has a limited viscosity capacity on its own, their combination creates an exponential increase in viscosity, leading to exceptionally positive results upon ingestion.


Superior Efficacy in Digestion Simulation

Carolean™ shows a superior kinetic reaching the satiety culmination quicker when compared to recognized market standards.

Only 15 minutes after consumption, the viscosity reaches a significant 70%, leading to a quicker optimisation of the satiety effect.

After 80 minutes, Carolean™ complex is released allowing optimized digestion and no digestive discomfort.


Dose & Applications

1g/day 15min before meal

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