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Driving the New Plant-based Products Development with OAT

Are You Ready for Plant-based Revolution?

The trend towards plant-based eating is likely to be unstoppable as plant-based listed as one of the Top Ten Trends for 2022, according to Innova Market Insights.

OAT | A Crucial Element in Plant-based Products

Natural soluble oat bran fibre, extracted from

non-GMO Nordic oats without the use chemicals.

PromOat® is the first oat beta-glucan that is 100%

soluble in water and comes with high purity of oat

beta-glucan (up to 34%).

Health Benefits:


Functional Benefits:


Unique, natural oat protein concentrate derived

from non-GMO Nordic oats using gentle separation process without the use of chemicals.

PrOatein is rich in essential amino acids, including

branched-chain amino acids which are important

for muscle growth and recovery.

Excellent Protein Quality

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