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ELIMREAL® | Water Elimination for Real

A patented ingredient which promotes water renal elimination by increasing urination frequency and volume.


Natural Proprietary blend of plant extracts from:

  • Carvi’s seeds (Carum carvi)

  • Meadowsweet’s Flower buds (Spirea ulmaria)

  • Guarana’s seeds (Paullinia cupana)

  • Goldenrod’s plant (Solidago virgaurea)

  • Fennel’s fruits (Foeniculum vulgare)

  • Dandelion’s leaves (Taraxacum dens leonis)

Recommended Dosage: 805 mg/day


Proven Efficacy

Clinical Trials: Randomized double-blind vs placebo

Duration: 28 days

Number of subjects: 95 slightly overweight women (20 – 50 years old)

Trial methods:

  • Group 1(N=32): ELIMREAL® tablet + placebo beverage

  • Group 2(N=32): ELIMREAL® beverage + placebo tablets

  • Group 3(N=31): Placebo beverage + tablets

Result: Significant increase in frequency of urination

Result: Significant increase in 24-hour urine volume compared to placebo group

Result: Significant increase in sodium elimination




by User

Your trusted Water-loss Partner

  • Patented for diuretic application FR0852003

  • Validated safety

  • Quality control

  • Proven efficacy by clinical study

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