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Kombucha | Perfect Building Blocks for Your Gut Health

Perfect Building Blocks For

Your Gut Health

boocharati® Kombucha Powder

An actionable & convenient kombucha ingredient naturally brewed & fermented from organic green tea.


A Versatile Form of Kombucha Powder

(1) 100% Kombucha

Without additional flavour, sugar, additive or acids

(2) Spray-Dried & Freeze-Dried

Both grades retain kombucha’s original taste

(3) Naturally Processed

Made from organic green tea naturally brewed over 6 months

(4) Consistent

Deliver consistency and low pH with tasty organic acids

(5) Wide Range of Application

Work perfectly with all kinds of taste profiles

(6) Clean Label

Free from chemicals or preservatives

boocharati® Kombucha Meets Unexpected Formats


MANNA-K Aged Kombucha

An aged Kombucha made from organic green tea, sugar, filtered water, kombucha starter and SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast).

The undergoes long-fermentation & maturation processes (up to 6 months) in the perfect fermentation environment produces high-density perfected kombucha.

Fermentation Process of MANNA-K

The Most Efficient Way To Make Kombucha

Time Saving

Brew time less than 24 hours

More Stable

Very low pH, no sugar & low in alcohol (<0.5%)

Highly Acidic

Raised by 20 times


Clean flavour and aromas coupled with delicious sourness

Fermentable Benefits

Stable culture, high content of organic acids


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