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PROBI DIGESTIS® | Restore peace in the gut

Probi - A world leader in probiotic research and development.

Probi was founded in Sweden early year 1991, by a group of scientists with a clear vision – contribute to a healthier life by delivering effective and well-documented probiotics, with proven health benefits based on scientific research. Probi provides consumers worldwide with the opportunity to improve their health through clinically tested and effective probiotics.


Probi’s Probiotic Gastro Concept – Restore peace in the gut

An effective solution for Irritable Bowel Diseases (IBS) - related symptoms According to some studies, 50% of patients seeing a gastroenterologist have symptoms associated with IBS, and some estimates indicate as many as 10-25% in the general population suffer from similar symptoms.

Symptoms of IBS including:

  • Pain

  • Diarrhea

  • Bloating

  • Constipation

Patient suffering from IBS often have a disturbed intestinal bacterial ecosystem. The number of “unhealthy” and gas-promoting bacteria is greater in patient with IBS than in non-affected individuals.


PROBI DIGESTIS® - One of the world’s most well-documented probiotics

The discovery and characterization of LP299V® is based on the work of over 200 researchers, documented in more than 140 publications with more than 50 clinical trials conducted on human.

Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (LP299V®)

Recommended daily dose (Gastro health): 10¹⁰ CFU Origin: Human intestinal mucosa. Documentation: Multiple preclinical and clinical studies. Safety: GRAS and QPS status, safe history of use in commercial food products and dietary supplements.

Health benefits: • Reduction of abdominal pain. • Reduction of bloating. • Reduction of gas formation. • Normalization of stool frequency. • Improvement of IBS symptoms. • General gastrointestinal health.


Clinical Studies with conclusive results:

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