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PROBI FERROSORB® | Increase iron uptake, not only intake

Probi - A world leader in probiotic research and development.

Probi was founded in early 1990s, by a group of physicians and researchers with a clear vision - to be able to save lives through the use of probiotic bacteria. Probi provides consumers worldwide with the opportunity to improve their health through clinically tested, effective probiotics.


Probi’s Probiotic Iron Absorption Concept - Increase iron uptake, not only intake

A probiotic iron absorption concept based on Lactobacillus plantarum 299v combined with a carefully balanced amount of iron.

The challenge on Iron Absorption Only about 10 to 15% of the iron ingested through the normal diet is absorbed by the body daily. The absorption rate varies due to following factors:

  1. Iron status of an individual.

  2. Presence of inhibitors and stimulators towards absorption in the diet.

  3. Types of iron ingested (Haem iron – essentially animal in origin or Non-haem iron – essentially plant-based in origin). - Haem iron is easier for the body to absorb compared to non-haem iron.

In addition to a relatively low absorption of iron from the diet, iron losses from the body through bleeding (such as during menstrual periods) may be significant. The combination of low absorption of iron and significant losses of iron makes iron deficiency anaemia common in women of childbearing age. Other population groups that are at risk of iron deficiency are children and adolescents (increased need), vegetarians (low amount in daily diet), athletes (increased need) and elderly (reduced food intake).

Symptoms of iron deficiency: • Impaired cognition • Irritability • Fatigue • Weakness • Headache • Hair loss • Dizziness • Muscle twitching • Pallor • Impairment of the immune system

Traditional high dose iron supplements are often caused side effects such as constipation, nausea and abdominal pain, due to only a minor fraction of the iron is absorbed, leaving a high amount of unabsorbed iron in the intestine. Typically, as little as 2% to 5% of the non-haem iron from a supplement is absorbed, whereas supplements with haem iron are seldom found in the market.


PROBI FERROSORB® enhances Iron Uptake

Probi Ferrosorb® increases the total iron uptake, where less iron needs to be consumed, the risk for side effects coupled to excessive iron intake is reduced. This will maintain a balanced iron uptake, well-functioning stomach and healthy intestinal flora.

Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (Lp299v)

Recommended daily dose (iron absorption): 10¹⁰ CFU Origin: Human intestinal mucosa Documentation: Multiple preclinical and clinical studies. Safety: GRAS and QPS status, safe history of use in commercial food products and dietary supplements

Health benefits:

  • Increased iron absorption (uptake, not just intake).

  • Reduces the need for additional iron supplementation.

  • Gentle to the gastrointestinal system, without side effects that normally related to iron supplementation.

  • Natural way to maintain iron levels.

Clinical Studies with conclusive results:


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