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Satiereal® Natural Powerful Weight-Loss Agent

SATIEREAL® is a patented, clinically-studied satiety ingredient, exclusively produced from saffron’s stigma (Crocus sativus). SATIEREAL® has been clinically proven to decrease compulsive snacking, sugar cravings, hunger pangs between meals, and promote weight loss.


Spectacular Efficiency in Appetite Management

SATIEREAL® has been clinically demonstrated as a powerful weight-loss agent due to its ability in inducing satiety sensation. It cut hunger associated with anxiety, and subsequently maximizes the natural satiety hence reduces the quantity of food ingested. This, which in turn, helps to control food intake and body weight. The efficacy dose of SATIEREAL® has been shown at only 176.5mg per day.


A Full Quality, Efficacy and Safety Management

As a natural active ingredient derived from plant origin, SATIEREAL® has been clinically tested according to the highest regulatory standards to prove its safety for consumption.

SATIEREAL® can be used in different applications, ranging from supplements to functional foods and beverages.

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