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Okralin™ | The BreakthroughFat Binder

Okralin™ is the newest, natural, patented ingredient derived from Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) - one of the oldest cultivated crops. The efficacy of Okralin™ is well supported by clinical study with known mechanism of action and exceptional weight-loss results.


The Remarkable Fat Binding Mechanism

1. The second step is the creation

2. The second step is the creation of a gel, which is too large to be fully digested.

3. Finally, Okralin™ and fat complex are naturally eliminated, reducing fat and calorie absorption.


The Most Powerful Fat Binder

Fat Binding Comparison Between Okra and Similar Ingredients


Strong Efficiency Supported by Clinical Study

A 12-week clinical study conducted on 108 subjects demonstrates impressive benefits and tolerability of Okralin™ for weight management:

  • Significant weight-loss results are observed after only 4 weeks.

  • Significant body fat mass reduction.

  • Body shape improvement.


A New Generation of Fat Binder

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Aug 02, 2022

where can i buy this product

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